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Diving in the Columbretes Islands <br /><strong>Tour - 142.50 €  </strong>

Diving in the Columbretes Islands


Diving in the Columbretes Islands, minimum 8 people
The archipelago of the Columbretes Islands is a Natural Reserve of volcanic origin, of great ecological value, in its transparent waters, we can find ourselves groupers, corbas, gilthead bream, bream, moray eel, barracuda, lobster, red coral ...
The meeting point is at the diving center, located at the Puerto Deportivo Las Fuentes de Alcossebre at 7:45 a. m. The departure is at 8 in the morning and the trip lasts 120 minutes.
There are 2 dives, always with an underwater guide: the first about 11:00. There is an interval of about 2 hours to rest and eat (you have to take the food), about 2:00 p.m. we will make the second dive.
The return to the port is made at 16:00 hrs, arriving at 18:00h.
- Compulsory documentation:
* ID
* Dive card
* Dive insurance
* Registration book with 25 minimum dives (for all degrees, the last dive done within the previous 12 months)
The regulation of the Nature Reserve require to take the original and current documentation to the island.
Diver price: € 142.50 / pax
It includes:
• Travel
• Bottles
• Lead
• Underwater guide
• Water and juices
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Tour - 142.50 €

Dramatized route: the lost treasure of cap i corp <br /><strong>Private Tour - 525.00 €  </strong>

Dramatized route: the lost treasure of cap i corp


Dramatized route: the lost treasure of cap i corp, minimum 4 people

Did you know that Barbary pirates stormed Cap i Corp beach repeatedly? This is the reason why Don Mariano, neighbor of the small hamlet of Alcocebre, firmly believes that there is a treasure buried somewhere in the area. Do not think the same thing his wife, Doña Catalina, one of the best-known tabernares of the people who suffer daily for the stability of their marriage. Are you ready to accompany them on their adventure?
Meeting point: in cap i corp
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Private Tour - 525.00 €

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