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Official Tourist Train - Peñíscola City Tour<br /><strong>Hop-on Hop-off 2 days - 12.50 €  </strong>

Official Tourist Train - Peñíscola City Tour


Discover with Peñíscola City Tour the points of interest of the city, its beaches and its nature. Visit its well-preserved old town and enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere of the city.
Start time: 10:00 am. Frequency: Every 40 minutes (does not operate from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm). Closing time: 7:00 p.m.

Each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes. Daily service throughout the year.
There are 4 routes:
* Route Atalayas
* Cerro Mar Route
* Route Sierra de Irta
* Route Villa de Peñíscola
2 types of tickets:
Hop-on Hop-off 2 days (this ticket allows you to go up and down for 2 days as many times as the client wants in any of the routes)
children from 0 to 2 years old free.
Supplement audiguide 1€ (to pay on place)
Ticket 2 itineraries (this ticket allows you to do 2 of the 4 routes)
children from 0 to 2 years old free.
Supplement audiguide 1€ (to pay on place)

Ticket conditions:
- The alteration of the service due to events or causes beyond Peñíscola City-tour will not entitle the refund of the ticket amount.
- Peñíscola City-tour reserves the right to modify the itinerary, the schedule or the duration of the tour due to external or organizational causes of the service; Said changes will not give right to the total or partial refund of the price of the ticket.
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Hop-on Hop-off 2 days - 12.50 €

Ticket 2 routes - 9.38 €

Ticket 2 routes - 5.63 €

Hop-on Hop-off 2 days - 8.75 €

Peñíscola cinema tour<br /><strong>Tour Cinema Peñíscola - 37.50 €  </strong>

Peñíscola cinema tour

We have it clear, it is no longer enough to go to see a movie at the cinema, now we want to feel like the true protagonists of these magnificent stories.
The unique beauty of Peñíscola has attracted innumerable producers. The route brings you closer to these locations so that it is you who star in your own story and can relive scenes that were recorded in your memory thanks to the cinema.
In this tribute to the Seventh Art we will recover the scenes of mythical filming that had as backdrop the unmistakable silhouette of the City in the Sea, without forgetting its characters ... From some of the most famous and Oscar-winning actors of the golden age of Hollywood , like Charlton Heston, Sofia Loren or Edmund Gwenn to some of the most endearing actors in Spanish cinema, such as Concha Velasco, Fernando Esteso, Juan Calvo, Pepe Isbert, Florinda Chico or José Luis Ozores.
We will get excited with the wise Hamilton in Calabuch, we will live a heroic epic with El Cid, we will laugh with the Son of the Cure or the Chiringuito de Pepe and we will return to the most fantastic medieval with the acclaimed international series Game of Thrones.
Start of the route: Peñíscola Tourist Office
End of the route: Fishing Port
Duration: 1.30 h
Difficulty: low
Recommended public: all public
- Arrive 10 minutes before the start of the route. We will start with punctuality.
- Wear comfortable shoes
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Tour Cinema Peñíscola - 37.50 €

Peñíscola Templar & Papal tour<br /><strong>Complete Peñíscola Tour: Templar & Papal - 41.88 €  </strong>

Peñíscola Templar & Papal tour

"A Knight of Christ is a crusader at all times, being engaged in a double fight: in the face of the temptations of flesh and blood, as well as facing the spiritual forces of heaven." He advances without fear. men or any demon. "
In the most remote corners, we will reconstruct the history of the legendary Order of the Temple and its terrible fall. From historical data, symbols and legends, we breathe the same dramatic atmosphere.
Just a century after the cruel process that eliminated the Order of the Temple from the face of the Temple, Pope Luna, Benedicto XIII, one of the most celebrated pontiffs in history, arrived in Peñíscola.
Between those same walls will be declared the Son of the Devil and will endure terrible sieges, wars, poisonings, betrayals ...
His passage to the 97 years of age, in that sober fortress, would not mean the oblivion of history, his death was a suffocation by silence; it was, in short, the struggle between tenacity and oblivion. Going through those same spaces is still a fascinating experience today. He died on the slabs of a Templar building. Chance?
Start of the route: Touirst Office (next to the fishing port)
 Meeting time: 10:30h
End of the route: Fishing port
Duration: 2 hours.
Difficulty: Low.
Recommended public: All audiences.
It includes:
Entrance to the Papa Luna Castle
Tuna tasting of Papa Luna
- Arrive 10 min. before the start of the route. We will start with punctuality.
- Wear comfortable shoes.
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Complete Peñíscola Tour: Templar & Papal - 41.88 €

Tour legends of Peñíscola<br /><strong>Leyends of Peñíscola tour - 37.50 €  </strong>

Tour legends of Peñíscola

Once upon a time the Mediterranean.
From the mainland, the sea, especially the Mare Nostrum, has always provoked among us a fascination charged with the most varied mythology. Because of its blue surface they have circulated amphoras full of aromatic wines, barrels of anchovies, cigars and other products not as material but equally or more important as ideas or beliefs, the arts, distant melodies and so many stories that contributed to the creation of civilizations.
Through its waters, navigators of legend traveled, like the Argonauts, and others of flesh and blood for whom this sea was their sustenance. Feared and adored, the Mediterranean was the kingdom of the capricious Poseidon, sometimes quiet and sometimes stormy.
For millennia the inhabitants of its coasts have tried to understand the secrets of this rich pantry guarded by the winds and with the passage of time its mysteries have been revealed.
Dive into a fascinating universe full of disturbing creatures, errant ships, Nereids, mermaids, gods, merchants or terrible pirates, while discovering some magical corners of the City on the Sea.
Start of the route: Tourist Office of Peñíscola at Fishing Port
Start time: 21:30 hours

End of the route: Fishing port
Duration: 1:30 h.
Difficulty: Low.
Recommended public: All audiences.
- Arrive 10 min. before the start of the route. We will start with punctuality.
- Wear comfortable shoes.
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Leyends of Peñíscola tour - 37.50 €

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